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Bachelor of Science in Public Health

BSPH Program

Some people feel like they just can’t help enough.

You know because you’re one of them. When someone is sick or hurting, “get well soon” arrives to little, too late. You want to get ahead of the disease, the illness, the injury. To you prevention IS the cure.

The Georgia Southern Bachelor of Science in Public Health shares your vision. Now available in Savannah on the Armstrong Campus and on the Statesboro Campus, the program is one of only 64 in the world of its kind accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health.

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health is a four-year, hands-on degree that prepares you to conduct health-related programs with communities at home and abroad. View our program maps.

In our practical, student-centered public health program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and assess public health problems, and develop education programs based on sound health practices
  • Design, implement and evaluate public health educational programs for at-risk populations and communities
  • Analyze evidence-based and innovative best practices of healthy behaviors for appropriate audiences
  • Demonstrate effective communication and advocacy skills for populations
  • Apply basic methods of research, data collection and analysis to identify health trends and public health problems

The time has come to put your passion into action.

Get started with the B.S. in Public Health.

Health Education and Promotion Major

Health education and promotion is an integral part of our Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Our graduates possess professional expertise in the areas of:

  • Program planning
  • Implementation and evaluation of disease prevention
  • Health promotion activities

Health Education and Promotion Major with Global Health emphasis

Students of global health will learn how international agencies advocate for individuals, increase access to healthcare, and ensure top health standards are met around the world. Global health focuses on improving the health and health equity of all people worldwide.

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health also provides the foundation to advance in graduate degree programs such as:

Undergraduate students can also pursue these programs:

Last updated: 5/19/2019