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Leadership for Health Professionals: Theory, Skills, and Applications

James Stephens

James Stephens

Leadership for Health Professionals, Third Edition is the first textbook of its kind to apply traditional knowledge of leadership theory and long-standing best practices of industry leaders to a health organization environment. The comprehensive text is grounded in practical applications of theoretical concepts, and focuses on examples of leadership in actual healthcare settings.

Leadership for Health Professions is now used in over 300 academic programs to include University of Michigan, John Hopkins University, Medical Center of South Carolina, Ohio State University, George Washington University, Indiana University, LSU, Michigan State University, University of Missouri, University of Kentucky and of course Georgia Southern University to name just a few high-level scholarly universities. It has been requested by 313 libraries nationwide, is one of Jones & Bartlett’s (our publisher and the leading healthcare book publisher) bestsellers and has a Five Star rating (100 out of 100) from Doodly Textbook ratings.

The authors, Dr. Gerald R. Ledlow, FACHE and Dr. James H. Stephens, FACHE, associate professor of health policy and management at the Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health at Georgia Southern University,  have over four decades of practical leadership experience in corporate and federal government health organizations as senior executive positions including the chief officer executive  level (note- Dr. Stephens held senior executive positions in large medical centers/health systems for 25 years with 18 years as President and CEO) , as well as over 25 years of academic experience as faculty in doctoral research institutions. Other contributors include Dr. William Mase, assistant professor, JPHCOPH; Dr. David Schott, Doctoral graduate from JPHCOPH.

Dr. Stephens, “believes this particular book has had significant impact in the health professions. It is the first textbook of its kind to apply classical knowledge of leadership theory and time-honored best practice of industry leaders to a health organization context. The book is a comprehensive and well-organized text that is grounded in real-world applications of theoretical concepts and focuses on practical examples of leadership in actual healthcare scenarios.”


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