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Understanding Obesity and Self-Esteem: What Your Weight in Middle School Says about You Now

National Youth At Risk Conference by Dr. Helen Bland and Etinosa OghoghoCongratulations to Etinosa Oghogho and Dr. Helen Bland. They placed first for their research poster presentation for the entire National Youth At Risk Conference. The purpose of this triangulation mixed-methods study was to determine the impact of past middle-school age weight and self-esteem on adult weight and self-esteem.  Using the Theory of Planned Behavior, participating college students were asked to retrospectively report on weight perception of self and body self-esteem both at middle school age and currently (n=185). Sampling methodology employed was random, cluster sampling. Current BMI is significantly associated with middle school BMI and self-esteem (p=0.01).  Thematic content analysis carries themes of affirmation and admonition from middle-school age to present.  Public health implications of study are explored.


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