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JPHCOPH attends 139th American Public Health Association Meeting in Washington D.C.

JPHCOPH Poster at APHAThe APHA annual meeting is the largest gathering of public health professionals, researchers, educators, and students in the world. Over twenty faculty/staff members and more than twenty students from the JPHCOPH attended. The annual meeting was the college’s first appearance since their accreditation earlier this year. A colorful large display featured faculty, staff, students, and our involvement with APHA and SOPHE. At the meeting, students, faculty, and staff members were involved in numerous meetings and presentations. JPHCOPH presenters received valuable feedback and proposals for future collaborations on their research.

Lawrence_RaymonaDr. Raymona Lawrence, Assistant Professor of Community Health at JPHCOPH and recent graduate of our JPHCOPH DrPH program, was one of the numerous faculty members at APHA who received extra attention and actually received an important award during the business meeting of the Genomics Form on Sunday, October 30, 2011.  She was given the “New Investigator Award” for the APHA Genomics Forum for her dissertation research, “National Collegiate Athletic Association mandated Sickle Cell trait screening policy:  Implications for the athlete.”   She said, “When pursuing a doctoral level education, most people seek to pursue a project that will not only add meaningful research to the literature but will also translate into a positive change in the health status of a population. My research combines social and behavioral principles with genetics.  It moves beyond the science of genetics and illuminates the possible social and behavioral implications of NCAA Mandated Sickle Cell Trait testing for athletes.  Since the Jiann Ping Hsu College of Public Health is a newly accredited college of public health and I was one of the first students to graduate, it is an honor for my research to be recognized on a national level.  I hope to continue my research so that I can exemplify the mission of the College which includes the elimination of health disparities and the pursuit of social justice.”

Vogel_RobertDr. Robert Vogel, Professor of Biostatistics, also received a great deal of attention for his research “Effects of music therapy-based listening interventions on the quantity and quality of breast milk produced by mothers using a breast pump’ and “Effect of a maternal simulated intervention on Physiologic and Developmental Behaviors of 28-34 Week Gestation Infants in a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.”  There was promising discussion for future collaborations for publications and possible grant-funded opportunities.

In conclusion, the APHA annual meeting was an excellent opportunity for the recently accredited JPHCOPH to showcase high quality of research completed by the faculty, staff, and students to the public health world.


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