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Part One: Admission to Georgia Southern University

In order to apply for admission to the Center, students must already be accepted into Georgia Southern University or East Georgia College. The Center for Addiction Recovery cannot grant special status to students who do not meet minimum academic undergraduate or graduate requirements for Georgia Southern. Center staff can, however, work with students who have encountered some types of legal consequences as a result of their addiction, but who meet minimum academic standards for admission. Please see the Georgia Southern  Admissions website for Georgia Southern Admissions-specific questions ( There is a different process for transfer, freshmen, transient, non-traditional, joint-enrolled, post-baccalaureate, and graduate admissions and the website addresses each. If the website does not answer specific questions, contact Christy Rikard, the Assistant Director of Admissions ( She works directly with students at the Center and would be happy to assist anyone who feels comfortable divulging that they are in recovery and need help with the admission process.

Prospective students who cannot meet minimum requirements for Georgia Southern University admission are encouraged to apply for admission into East Georgia College ( Students who attend East Georgia can take a number of courses until he/she feels ready to apply for transfer admission to Georgia Southern University to complete their education. Students who are East Georgia students often take their courses on Georgia Southern’s campus and are fully-participating members of the Center.

Part Two: Admission to the Center for Addiction Recovery

Prospective students are encouraged to let the staff at the Center aware that they will be applying to Georgia Southern/East Georgia with the intent of applying to the Center. Before applying to the Center, make sure the minimum requirements are met:

  • Admission into Georgia Southern or East Georgia
  • At least six months of continuous, long-term recovery from a substance use disorder. Due to current budgetary restraints, the Center only serves students whose primary diagnosis was substance-use disorder upon entry into recovery (students can simultaneously be in recovery from other addictive orders). While there are many definitions of recovery, the Center for Addiction Recovery at Georgia Southern generally defines being in recovery as having six months of continuous sobriety (termed as complete abstinence) from mind-altering chemicals. This means that while we do not discriminate against any students based on sex, race, gender, sexuality, religion, beliefs, etc., we do not admit students who are in the “treatment” phase of their recovery. Students who do not meet these minimum standards are still encouraged to come hang out in our student space in Veazey Hall.

To apply to the Center, fill out and submit the application (download it here) and have a minimum of three letters of recommendation sent in. Recommendations must come from people in the student’s recovery community who can attest to their commitment to a recovering way of life. The applicant must acknowledge that the Center for Addiction Recovery staff can call the recommendation sources to follow up with any questions they may have from recommendations submitted. Physical copies can be mailed or scanned and e-mailed to the Program Coordinator. After the application is accepted, students must be interviewed by the Center’s Director or Program Coordinator.

In order to remain in the Center, students must consistently make above a 2.5 GPA. Failure to maintain over a 2.5 GPA over 2 semesters will result in probation.

Last updated: 11/5/2020