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Our Focus

The Center for Addiction Recovery at Georgia Southern University serves students in long-term recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Every semester, the 40 students who comprise our community attend weekly seminars and receive a variety of benefits.

Our average student is 24 years old and 2.4 years sober. They take 12 credit hours per semester and work 18 hours a week at an on- or off-campus job.

Student Benefits

Students involved with the Center attend weekly seminars that serve to build community and develop life skills in a small group setting. Discussion topics range from academics and personal achievement to health and spirituality. Throughout the semester, the Center hosts connection events to bring students from different seminars together to build and deepen community.

Scheduling school, work, and social activities is difficult enough by itself. Students receive individualized academic advising and early registration to help them reach their academic and recovery goals, building recovery events into their already busy schedules. Scholarships are also available to students who demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, and a commitment to recovery.

Program Admission

Students of Georgia Southern University or East Georgia College interested in being a part of the community at the Center for Addiction Recovery are welcome to apply when they have been sober for at least six months. Simply fill out the application and the Program Coordinator will call to schedule an interview. Involvement with a treatment center is not necessary, but students must be able to provide three letters of recommendation attesting to their commitment to sobriety (from sponsors, counselors, probation officers, etc.).

Admission Checklist and Application (PDF)