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Dr. Jiann-Ping Hsu

Dr. Jiann-Ping Hsu

The Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health is named in honor of Dr. Jiann-Ping Hsu, a scholar-scientist whose distinguished service in her life’s work and devotion to quality and caring in all her endeavors represent the touchstones of learning and leadership in the health professions. Born in Mainland China in 1947 and educated in Taiwan, Dr. Jiann-Ping Hsu became a scholar of mathematical sciences. She earned the B.S. in Mathematics from the National Taiwan University, the M.A. in Mathematical Statistics from Columbia University in New York, and the Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the University of California at Berkeley, where she was the top graduate in her class.

The eldest of five daughters, she worked to bring her parents and sisters to the United States of America, providing for her parents care and contributing to the college education of her sisters.

Dr. Hsu focused her expertise on public health, studying the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products in the treatment of patients. She served with the Food and Drug Administration, reviewing new drug applications, conducting research in the surveillance of post-marketing use of drugs, and drafting guidelines for clinical development of drugs for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. She then worked for several years in the basic research and clinical development areas in the pharmaceutical industry, having held positions of leadership with SmithKline and French Labs, Parke-Davis/ Warner Lambert and Schering Labs. She then joined Biopharmaceutical Research Consultants, Inc. (BRCI), a pharmaceutical research consulting organization founded by Dr. Karl E. Peace, as Vice President of Operations in 1993, and became President, in 1996. She also served on review panels for clinical trial grant applications for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and was instrumental in developing their Clinical Trials Network (CTN).

Dr. Hsu was a member of, and made major contributions to the growth of, the Committee of Women in Statistics in the American Statistical Association and served other professional organizations, including the Drug Information Association, the International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA), and the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association. In 1999 and 2003, she was honored with the Meritorious Service Award of the Biopharmaceutical Applied Statistics Symposium for distinguished service and outstanding contributions. In 2004, she was posthumously awarded the President’s Medal for pivotal contributions to the success of the ICSA. During her career, Dr. Hsu mentored and trained more than 60 biostatisticians employed in the pharmaceutical industry, government or academia.

The Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health is endowed by Dr. Karl E. Peace as a tribute to his wife and an enduring celebration of her life characterized by “a zeal for excellence, consideration of others, intelligence and scholarship, honesty, kindness and humility.” Dr. Peace is an alumnus of Georgia Southern College, a Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Cancer Scholar, the architect of the MPH in Biostatistics, and the founder of the Karl E. Peace Center for Biostatistics at Georgia Southern University.

Last updated: 5/19/2019