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M.H.A. Curriculum

The Curriculum

All Georgia Southern University Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health students who select to study the M.H.A. degree program will complete a minimum of 45 credits in this discipline. Students pursuing this degree will take:

Upon completion of the M.H.A. will be trained to function effectively as administrators of healthcare services.

MHA Faculty

M.H.A Program

Course Requirements
Healthcare Administration Courses (33 Credit Hours) Credit Hours
HSPM 6030 Healthcare Economics and Policy 3
HSPM 6136 Healthcare Management 3
HSPM 7030 Healthcare Marketing and Strategic Planning 3
HSPM 7131 Health Organization Theory, Behavior and Management 3
HSPM 7137 Health Care Financing and Payment Systems 3
HSPM 7333 Healthcare Governance 3
HSPM 7334 Human Resources Healthcare 3
HSPM 7335 Healthcare Operations Management 3
HSPM 7336 Healthcare Supply Chain Management 3
HSPM 7337 Integrative Health Enterprise Analytics and Decision Making 3
HSPM 7338 Contemporary Issues in Healthcare 3
Health Policy and Management Courses (6 Credit Hours)
HSPM 7235 Healthcare Law 3
HSPM 7236 Health Informatics 3
Public Health Core Courses (5 Credit Hours)
HSPM 7332 Population Health 3
PUBH 5520G Introduction to Public Health 2
Administrative Internship (1 Credit Hours)
HSPM 7710 Administrative Internship 1
Total Credit Hours 45

Prerequisite undergraduate course work may be required. Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator in the Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health for complete information.

Master of Health Administration Documents
Title Download
2-Year Plan of Study (Fall Admission) pdf


Last updated: 3/24/2017