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Karl E. Peace Award for Outstanding Statistical Contributions for the Betterment of Society

The Karl E. Peace Award is bestowed upon a distinguished individual who has made substantial contributions to the statistical profession that has led to direct ways to improving the human condition. The award was established by Christopher K. Peace, son of Karl E. Peace, on behalf of the Peace family, to honor the life work of his father. The 2015 honoree is James J. Cochran, professor of applied statistics at the University of Alabama. Cochran has worked tirelessly to promote statistical training and expertise in the developing world. He believes statistical methods can be used to improve health and living conditions in developing countries and is dedicated to this effort. This belief led him in 2008 to be a cofounder and co-chair of the volunteer organization, Statistics without Borders (SWB). SWB now has an extensive group of volunteers who provide their statistical expertise pro bono to projects around the world. With Mark Griffin, he founded the Friends of Australasia, an ASA Outreach Group that helps develop statistical expertise in the Pacific Islands. In 2011, Cochran chaired the first International Conference for Health Statistics in the Pacific Islands; the event was themed “Making Statistics Work for Society.” He is the founding chair of the International Education Initiative and in this position he has organized and led workshops in many countries, including Uruguay, South Africa, Colombia, India, Argentina, Kenya, Cameroon, Croatia, Namibia and Cuba. Cochran also is a mentor and adviser to his students in the U.S. and Africa.


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