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Georgia Southern Assesses Call to Integrate Healthcare and Public Health

Shah_Gulzar (1)An editorial by Dr. Gulzar Shah, Associate Dean for Research, discusses the topic: answering the call to integrate health care and public health and proposes that situation is more favorable for integration of the two traditionally siloed fields now than ever before. The editorial attempts to provide contextual background to the study by Carlton and Erwin in the March 2015 issue of Frontiers in Public Health Services and Systems Research, integration of health care and public health (executives). The editorial provides a critical assessment of strategies for integration, identified by Carlton and Edwin study. The editorial concludes that only a large-scale policy creating the interdependence of health care and public  health,  requiring  cooperation  from  both  sides  through  well-defined  incentives  for compliance, and disincentives for lack of compliance, will serve as a glue to bring about the desired level of integration. Those policies must attempt to shift the healthcare focus from profitability and industrial complex approach, conventionally the defining  characteristics  of healthcare, to prevention and population health, customarily the turf for public health.


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