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Salud es Vida featured on NCI’s Behavioral Research Program Grantee Profile

Luque_JuanDr. Luque’s research interests are in community-based participatory research, cancer health disparities in minority and underserved communities, community-academic partnerships, and increasing access to cancer prevention and screening through community health worker programs. Dr. Luque has led research projects in the U.S. and Peru on cervical cancer screening education, and in the U.S. on prostate cancer education to increase informed decision making around screening decisions for African-American men. His community-engaged research on cervical cancer focuses on Hispanic/Latino immigrant populations. Dr. Luque has contributed to the literature on the influence of cultural beliefs and attitudes on people’s decisions to engage in cancer prevention and screening.

Dr. Luque’s study “Salud es Vida: Reducing Access Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening among Underserved Hispanic Women” (R21 CA163159) was developed in partnership with a community agency, promotoras, and a transdisciplinary research team. In rural Georgia, there are numerous barriers to regular screening for Hispanic immigrant women from farmworker backgrounds, including shortage of providers, language difficulties, transportation challenges, and burdensome costs for uninsured patients. In order to disseminate information about access to cervical cancer screening in this population, Dr. Luque’s research team trained promotoras to deliver a theoretically-based, small group intervention to increase screening among Hispanic immigrant women who are not up-to-date with screening. The research team is currently testing the efficacy of the intervention in a two-arm study.


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