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Dr. Ledlow as the first Chair for HPM Department

Jerry LedlowThe Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ledlow as the first Chair for Health Policy and Management Department. He has been in both academic and practice positions.  In academia, Dr. Jerry has worked with students for 16 years from DHA, DrPH, MPH, MHA, MBA and Allied Health programs and has taught over 24 different graduate courses.  He has chaired several dissertations and was a member on many more dissertation committees.  In total, He has over 27 years of experience.

Dr. Ledlow is a board certified healthcare administrator with over 27 years of practical and academic experience in leadership, management, and clinical positions.  He is a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. He has successfully led multiple teams of diverse professionals, from as many as seventy-five people to smaller teams of seven people, in military, corporate, educational programs and academic programs.  As a National Registry certified emergency medical technician in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he volunteered as an EMT for the local ambulance service and community hospital emergency department.  Previously, he was the primary architect and founding director of the Doctor of Health Administration program in Michigan that currently boasts over 90 very diverse graduates; the program was partnered with the Institute for Diversity to bolster minority representation (approximately 46%) in the industry with advanced degrees.  Dr. Ledlow has published seven book volumes of text, in the areas of leadership, supply chain and preparedness, numerous articles, book chapters, abstracts and proceedings, and has presented many times internationally and nationally; he serves as a regional editor for a peer-reviewed Cabell’s Directory journal as well.  His second edition leadership textbook has been adopted by over 150 programs across the nation.  Since 2000, Dr. Ledlow has earned over $2,100,000 in grants, to include being a DHHS/NIH grant recipient, and contracts in external funding for research projects, assessments and analytical model development initiatives.  Dr. Ledlow engages in consultation with healthcare organizations, businesses, corporations and academic institutions across the globe.  Currently Dr. Ledlow is working with the State of Georgia Department of Public Health Preparedness and Protection Division conducting annual PHEP assessments based on federal criteria, the State of Georgia Liaison for Health Protection (FEMA/GEMA, PHEP, HPP, PPHR), the State of Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) in the area of critical healthcare infrastructure, with the CDC’s Division of Policy, Planning and Evaluation regarding the National Health Security Preparedness Index Initiative and is a member of the State of Georgia Bio-surveillance Team.  In addition, Dr. Ledlow conducts research on strategic sourcing relationships using the Compatibility and Trust Assessment system along with other research and evaluation methodologies in the supply chain industry, leadership and leadership team attributes focused on success, efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency in the dynamic environment of healthcare utilizing models such as the Dynamic Culture Leadership Model.  Dr. Ledlow was honored with the Boone Powell Award for best thesis/dissertation at Baylor University in 1996, the Federal Sector Managed Care Executive of the Year in 1998, and two American College of Healthcare Executives Regent’s Awards in 1997 and 2003.  He is married and is the father to three daughters.


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