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Exercise Self-Efficacy in Pregnant Women

BlandA collaborative study including Dr. Helen Bland, professor of community health and behavior education at Georgia Southern University Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, measures exercise self-efficacy in pregnant women. This study assessed the psychometric properties of a modified self-efficacy scale – the Pregnancy-Exercise Self-Efficacy Scale (P-ESES). Pregnant women completed the P-ESES and physical activity questionnaires. Results illustrated that internal consistency was confirmed by Cronbach’s alpha and equal length Spearman–Brown. Squared multiple correlation coefficients were calculated showing nine of 10 items with values greater than the desired .5. A non-rotated exploratory principal components analysis confirmed the same nine of 10 items loaded on a single factor, accounting for 46.1 percent of the variance. Each item had an acceptable load value of .40 or higher. Initial testing of the P-ESES confirmed validity and reliability with the exception of one item from the original measure: “Exercising without physician approval.”


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