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Ubiquitous Effects of Quantum Entanglement

Peace2A collaborative study including Dr. Karl E. Peace and Dr. Wen-Ran Zhang entitled Revealing the Ubiquitous Effects of Quantum Entanglement—Toward a Notion of God Logic. Following Spinoza-Einstein’s interpretation of God or nature, the notion “God Logic” is proposed. This notion is to serve as an elicitation for a consistent set of necessary criteria for: 1) developing the logical foundation of quantum gravity as envisaged by Einstein, 2) revealing the ubiquitous effects of quantum entanglement as suggested by Roger Penrose, and 3) programming the universe as proposed by Seth Lloyd. An evolving set of eleven criteria is proposed for the notion. The possibility of inventing such a logical system is analyzed. A supersymmetrical candidate logic of negative-positive energy dynamic equilibrium is introduced and assessed against the set of criteria. It is shown that the first 10 criteria are met or partially met by the candidate. But the question whether the 11th criterion has been or can be met is left open for discussion and further research effort. The assessment leads to a few predictions. Notably, it is predicted that, should Boson-Fermion symmetry or broken symmetry be observed, it would be caused by bipolar symmetry or broken symmetry of negative-positive energies.


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