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Dr. Bossak Investigates Spatial Access to Sterile Syringes

Brian-Bossak_jpgA collaborative study including Dr. Brian Bossak at Georgia Southern University Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health investigates the relationship between spatial access to sterile syringes distributed by syringe exchange programs (SEPs) in New York City United Hospital Fund districts and injecting with an unsterile syringe among injectors over time (1995-2006).

The researchers used multilevel models to explore the relationship of district-level access to syringes to the odds of injecting with an unsterile syringe in >75% of injection events in the past 6 months, and to test whether this relationship varied by district level arrest rates for drug and drug paraphernalia possession. The relationship between district-level access to syringes and the odds of injecting with an unsterile syringe depended on district-level arrest rates.

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