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Georgia Southern Examines Childhood Disparities

A collaborative study including Dr. James Stephens, Dr. Hani Samawi, Dr. Gerald Ledlow and Rohit Tyagi at Georgia Southern University Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health examined childhood disparities. The study, “Disparities of childhood limited abilities and special health care needs in Georgia comparing with other states” used data from the National Survey of Children’s Health 2003 to investigate the disparities of children with special care needs and children with limited abilities in Georgia as compared to the combine states of the United States. The study compared the State of Georgia to the combined U.S. states regarding special care needs and limited abilities children based on morbidities, co-morbidities and demographic and socio-economic factors.

Researchers found that children with asthma, ADD/ADHD, depression or anxiety problems, behavioral and conduct problems, bone, joint and muscle problems, developmental delay or physical impairment and children living in poverty are significantly more susceptible for requiring special care needs in Georgia.


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