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JPHCOPH Welcomes New Dean

Evans_GregJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health (JPHCOPH) at Georgia Southern University welcomes their new dean, Dr. Gregory Evans. Dr. Evans is coming to JPHCOPH from Saint Louis University School of Public Health.  When asked about his thoughts about this new opportunity, Dr. Evans said, “It is with great anticipation that I join Georgia Southern University as dean of the JPHCOPH.  The school, despite its relative newness, already has an impressive teaching and research record. I plan to capitalize on these strengths to help increase national recognition for the school, while simultaneously recognizing the importance of service to the college, university, community, and the field of Public Health.

To this end, it is crucial that I partner with faculty, staff and students of the school to develop a school culture based on shared values, goals, and sense of purpose.  It will be a culture of encouragement and empowerment: A culture in which all stake-holders have a voice: A culture that understands the importance of meeting the needs of faculty and staff so that they can provide the best public health education available to our students.

At the same time, a dean must know how to lead from the middle, advocating for all those who serve and are served by the college, while also understanding the needs and realities of the university administration.  I plan to spend much of my first few months at the school meeting with faculty, staff, students, as well as members of the administration, to learn from them, and to help lay the groundwork for a strategic plan that will take us to the forefront of schools of public health across the country.

In preparation for this journey, I offer this vision. Over the next 5 to 7 years, the JPHCOPH will build upon our unique cross-disciplinary research assets and multidisciplinary and energetic faculty to create cutting-edge translational research. The college will enhance its teaching, continuing to develop our top-notch program that draws the best students.

During this period the college will focus on expanding its research for enhancing the health of rural communities, and helping to eliminate health disparities among underserved populations. We will also expand into new research initiatives that reflect the interest and expertise of both junior and veteran faculty.


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