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JPHCOPH Collaborations

The Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health hosted an evaluation meeting with grantees from the Georgia Childhood Asthma Management Program (GCAMP). Dr. Lynn Woodhouse (PI) and Mr. Russ Toal (Co-PI) from JPHCOPH were awarded their third grant from the Healthcare Georgia Foundation, Inc., to evaluate five unique asthma projects across the state of GA.  In addition to the on-site efforts of the JPHCOPH evaluation team, they also host face-to-face meetings, such as the one described above, with the grantees to foster a learning community and to provide additional consultation for quality improvement and technical assistance.

Dr. Gulzar Shah, Associate Professor, was recently awarded a grant from UNC at Greensboro where he will serve as co-investigator on a project to “determine what factors influence local health departments (LHDs) to meet their responsibility for improving population health.” His role will be to provide feedback on the research questions and the 2010 NACCHO Profile of Local Health Department variables that might predict the use of evidence-based public health strategies in LHDs, assist with the use of datasets, review and assist with data analysis, review results and nominate local health officers for the advisory panels.  Dr. Shah will assist with recruitment of LHDs for participation in case studies, assist with dissemination strategies by reviewing research and serve as co-author for manuscripts.

Dr. Josh Vest, Assistant Professor, was recently awarded a grant from University of Kentucky Research Foundation to look at “Effective public health information sharing for local decision making.”  He will serve as the principal investigator of the study to determine how we can improve the capacity to collect data and implement health information technologies. The study will describe the extent of data sharing gaps between LHDs and state agencies and identify the organizational, structural, and contextual factors associated with increasing data gaps.  Dr. Vest will use the data to describe the ways LHDs experience data sharing gaps, the effects of gaps on their decision making, and technological and interpersonal approaches used when faced with data sharing gaps.

Professor Russ Toal, Director of Center for Rural Health and Research, was recently awarded a grant from the Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services, Inc. where he will serve as the principal investigator of an emergency medical services training and evaluation program.  During this program, Professor Toal will provide assistance for the implementation and administration of a training program for rural EMS professionals in Georgia which will enable EMS directors and managers to move from a direct care role to an effective service manager.  He will also assist in identifying and reviewing potential training resources, development of policies for successful completion of each weekly module and complete course work, and development of an evaluation plan for the training program.


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